Our Team

Kevin Lewis

Kevin is passionate about a wide range of interests including basketball, soccer, guitar, and computer sciences. As a self-taught computer programmer, he joined FixNGive to gain valuable experience working in a nonprofit and, most of all, help people in need. He now works hard in leading FixNGive as its CEO.

Kevin Lewis


Fahim Hossian

In his free time, Fahim enjoys tinkering around with any cables or motherboards he can find. So naturally when he joined FixNGive, Fahim immediately fit right in. He enjoys helping manage FixNGive's inventory, assisting the organization in hardware maintenance, and overseeing its operations as COO.

Fahim Hossain


Michael Ragnone

Michael is a Senior at Indian Hill High School who loves reading, guitar, and mock trial. He focuses on community outreach and advertising at FixNGive.

Michael Ragnone


Min-Seo Kim

Min-Seo fixes computers so that others may find them usable. He finds this task enjoyable, since he gets to provide a resource to others who do not have easy access to computers.

Min-Seo Kim

VP of Human Resources

Victor is a member at FixNGive.

Victor Stettler


John is a member at FixNGive.

John Kushman


Luke is a member at FixNGive.

Luke Castellini


Ben is a member at FixNGive.

Ben Starkey


Jai is a member at FixNGive.

Jai Masturzo


Jasper is a member at FixNGive.

Jasper Bennett


Dan is a member at FixNGive.

Dan Edmonson


Paige is a member at FixNGive.

Paige Falter


Ryan is a member at FixNGive.

Ryan Hassett


Matt is a member at FixNGive.

Matthew Veith


Brian is a member at FixNGive.

Brian Jia


Min-Jae is a member at FixNGive.

Min-Jae Kim


Former Leaders

Milan currently attends Harvard College.

Milan Bhandari


Richard leverages his experience running FixNGive in the past to help provide ideas and refine concepts for projects the organization may undertake. He is interested in the intersection between computer science and entrepreneurship. Richard plans to major in Computer Science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Richard Guan

Former President

During his time with FixNGive, Cody was responsible for helping to expand the company by hiring new qualified candidates and delivering refurbished computers to schools. He also helped the team organize events, and now he is studying Electrical Engineering at UCLA.

Cody Fan

Former Secretary

Jeongwon currently attends Oxford.

Jeongwon Ryu

Former VP

Having lived in Romania for 14 years, surrounded by scarce educational opportunities and outdated tools, Radu deeply appreciated the monumental value brought by access to up-to-date technology in pursuing a meaningful education. He now attends college at UNC.

Radu Dragomirescu

Former CEO and President

As the Chief Operating Officer of FixNGive, Albert certified that the organization would operate smoothly while also remaining receptive to new perspectives. He now studies commerce at UVA.

Albert Kwon

Former COO

Cooper's intrinsic passion for technology and penchant for helping others are especially apparent through his involvement with FixNGive. Cooper managed and oversaw all hardware and finances, simultaneously maintaining FixNGive's inventory while also balancing the organization's budget. He now studies Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

Cooper Pierce

Former CFO and CTO

Mark was passionate about FixNGive because it allowed him to apply his skill in restoring computers and to directly impact the lives of young students. He is now studying neuroscience at UNC.

Mark Kholodenko

Former VP

Drew has been fascinated by both technology and business from a very young age, and was gracious for the opportunity at FixNGive to practice both. He graduated in 2019, and is now studying computer science at OSU.

Andrew Plummer

Former VP